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OF MAY 2024

Oral Communications

Oral Communications are the central element of the Symposium. It is necessary to establish some basic rules to ensure that they can take place efficiently and highly productively.

In this sense, Oral Presentations at ISMS will be exclusively in English. For the EOF, SIQUIMAR and BAMAR, presentations in English are preferred, although Spanish is also accepted. The duration of presentations is 15 minutes, and speakers are encouraged to adjust their presentation time to 12 minutes, thus allowing reasonable time for questions and comments from the audience. The language of the slides will be English, although the speaker may choose between Spanish or English for the talk.

Each session will have a moderator responsible for indicating to the speaker the remaining time and when their speaking time has concluded. The moderator will also facilitate questions or comments from the audience.


The posters will be placed in the space assigned to them for the 3 days of the congress. Their dimensions will not exceed 90 cm in width by 120 cm in height. At least one of the authors of the poster must be present next to the poster during the Poster Session each day.

The language of the posters will be exclusively in English for all events (ISMS, EOF, SIQUIMAR, BAMAR). In addition, it is expected that any graphic material associated with the presentations, whether PowerPoint presentations (PPT) or posters, will also be in English.

NOTICE: Those communications that are accepted as “Poster” type must be printed, transported and installed by the presenting author or person he/she delegates, according to the instructions and location that he/she will receive at the time. In this edition 2024 there will be no poster printing service.

Rules for Abstracts

Please download the template from the list below to write your abstract (download and fill out only the template for the conference to which you want to submit the abstract):

Rules for the submission of communications

  • This template must be sent before April 30 to facilitate the Scientific Committee the selection of the papers. Please, read carefully the instructions that you will find in the same template.
  • Very important, name the abstract as follows: last name + author’s name _abstract_poster/oral depending on your choice. The language of the abstract can be either Spanish or English, whichever you prefer.
  • Once you have filled in the template, you must fill in the form that appears in a new window when you click on the “Send communications” button and attach the file in the “Attachments” field. It is very important in the “Conference” field to select the conference to which the abstract is addressed. After filling in the form and attaching the file you must press the “Submit abstract” button.
  • Only a maximum of 2 abstracts can be sent per event, i.e.: 2 abstracts to ISMS, 2 abstracts to EOF, 2 abstracts to SIQUIMAR, 2 abstracts to BAMAR, 2 abstracts to Life Pinnarca. If you wish to send more, you have to pay a new registration fee.

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